Since our founding in 2008, our custom clothing appointments have been accompanied by an offer of whiskey from the best distillers in America. So in 2021, we embarked on the mission to create our own whiskey and offer it to the public. We partnered with a local Pennsylvania-based distiller to create a unique, distinctly American spirit. The result was "Barrel Select," CMMP's very own American Single Malt Whiskey.  The whiskey is aged 100% malted barley in a medium char American White Oak barrel.  The first 90-proof batch contains hints of citrus, vanilla and chocolate, with a smooth and a rich finish. Each bottle is hand-marked with its own unique barrel and bottle number.  There's only 300 bottles available, and when they're gone, they're gone. 

Like our clothing, each bottle is unique and made for Gentlemen Rebels who dare to chart their own path and take the risk into something unknown - an American Single Malt.